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We run a fabulous old school darkroom with all the facilities needed to teach you how to take, process and print amazing images using film rather than digital. Our courses are designed for all photo enthusiasts who would like to learn the techniques required to take and print really great black and white photos.

It's not as quick as using digital but once you've mastered the skills it is so much more fun.

Location, location, location

We're near Olney which less than 8 miles from the centre of Milton Keynes and close to the M1 motorway network.

Our courses are held in a relaxed setting,  our darkroom classroom is situated on a rural farm business estate which has plenty of free parking and great vistas if you're tempted to take a few landscapes while you're here.

The Darkroom School - Britten's Court

Next Steps...

If you would like to come along and learn/polish up your darkroom skills please see the list of courses we provide.

Hope to meet you soon,

Colin Bridges